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A 3D chess game that I developed in Unity.


This is a simple chess game, with all piece movements implemented.  Hovered pieces are highlighted in blue and selected pieces are highlighted in green.  The spaces where the piece can move is highlighted in red.  Attackable pieces are also red.

Castling has been implemented.  Rooks available for castling are highlighted in yellow.


  • Computer based AI selectable for white side, black side, or both on title screen

To Be Completed

  • Force king to move on check
  • Pawn En passant
  • Pawn promotion
  • Checkmate detection

Time Lapse Development


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chess-has-exciting-spectacular-strategy-win.zip 22 MB
Version 4
chess-has-exciting-spectacular-strategy-osx.zip 42 MB
Version 4
chess-has-exciting-spectacular-strategy-linux.zip 39 MB
Version 4

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